Gorilla Basement Wall Braces

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Gorilla™ Wall Braces, Engineer Certified
The Gorilla Brace Superiority

  • Engineer certified to give you security
  • Excavation is not necessary in most basements
  • Pushes off 3 floor joists, reducing pushing stress
  • Can do the bracing job year-round.
  • Permanent solution at less cost.
  • Transferrable Warranty

    Foundation Wall Bracing

    For years homeowners would do foundation repair, with wall bracing, to hold their walls from pushing in further. The basement wall would move in further tightening the wall braces and if the bracing were strong enough it would hold the wall at that position. We now have a basement wall repair system that will not only repair and hold the buckling and bowing walls; it will actually push the bowed walls back again. Wall bracing can be done to different kinds of walls, such as, block, poured, wood, clay tile, etc.

     Gorilla™ Bracing System
    Gorilla Wall Brace
    Engineer Certified

     This is wall bracing that is designed to push the wall back using three floor joists, eliminates twisting and side pressure on the floor joists. This gives you a safe and secure basement repair, eliminating future wall pushing problems. Gorilla™ Wall Braces work well, are permanent, and will restore your bowing walls.

     Grouping of Gorilla braces
    Gorilla™ Wall Braces

    Buckling and Bowing Walls Made Secure

    Bulging wall repair begins by fastening the floor bracket with heavy duty screw anchors to the basement floor, then attaching the pushing rod bracket to the floor joist every 4 ft. to properly do the wall bracing job. The tube bracket holders are attached to the two neighboring floor joist, utilizing 3 floor joists, giving additional pushing power in the home foundation repair.

    Gorilla™ Floor Bracket

    The basement wall repair is made to push the buckling wall back, when the pushing rod applies pressure to the wall brace. Applying continued pressure on the buckled wall, over a period of time, the bulging wall will be moved back. In cases of severe bowing wall damage, foundation repair can be made to the basement walls by installing the wall bracing and running a 6 inch trenching machine or a narrow back hoe outside of the moving wall. This allows the buckling walls to be pushed back by the installed wall braces and the bowing wall will be straightened the same day.

     One of the advantages of wall bracing is that it can be done inside the basement, year around and in most cases there is no digging up the yard. Basement wall repair, of buckling walls, with pushing braces is less costly than other methods. Wood floor joist is not the only place Gorilla Wall Brace can be used.  Many of the newer houses, with bowing walls have 16-24" I joists made with 2" x 4" bridging, steel bridging and others made with plywood.  They can have the Gorilla Wall Brace system attached to them with minor modifications.

    Gorilla™ Brace System

     Also, Gorilla Wall Braces can be installed where there are no floor joists, such as basements that are constructed with spancrete at the ceiling.  We have a special pushing bracket that can be attached to the spancrete.

    Gorilla™ tube brace to neighboring floor joists.

    Furthermore, straightening walls gives you the assurance and security that you can finish off your basement walls. We had a gentleman tell us - - - it works just like braces on your teeth!

    Straightened walls raise the value of your home, taking away the pushing wall worry and giving you peace of mind. Don’t wait, caved in bowing walls are painful and very costly.

    A Customer's Story

    One of our customers was given an estimate to straighten and secure his bowing walls and thought it was too expensive. He was warned by the salesperson not to wait too long as the buckling walls might give way. He wasn’t concerned about it then, but called us one year later to have three protruding walls secured. He then explained that a heavy rain had collapsed one of his pushed in walls so he was not taking any more chances with the other three cracked and pushed in walls. Sometimes waiting is costly!  Use the Gorilla brace system to give yourself the assurance this will not happen to you.