Gorilla Basement Wall Braces

Do you suspect your basement wall needs repair?


Gorilla™ Wall Braces, Engineer Certified

The Gorilla Brace Superiority

  • Engineer certified to give you security
  • Can do the bracing job yearround
  • Excavation is not necessary in most basements
  • Permanent solution at less cost
  • Pushes off 3 floor joists, reducing pushing stress
  • Transferrable Warranty

Foundation Wall Bracing

For years homeowners would do foundation repair, with wall bracing, to hold their walls from pushing in further. The basement wall would move in further tightening the wall braces and if the bracing were strong enough it would hold the wall at that  position. We now have a basement wall repair system that will not only repair and hold the buckling and bowing walls; it will actually push the bowed walls back again. Wall bracing can be done to different kinds of walls, such as, block, poured, wood, clay tile, etc.


Buckling and Bowing Walls Made Secure

Gorilla Wall Braces can straighten most walls over time with no excavation to the exterior of the home. A constant pressure can be kept on the bracket by tightening the screw at the top. This pressure will slowly move the beam plumb. As the beam moves, the wall will also move back to its original position without any exterior excavation.
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The Gorilla Wall Brace Triple Strength System

The Gorilla Wall Brace triples the strength of other systems on the market that just push off of one joist.

Utilizing three joists, the Gorilla Wall Brace distributes the wall loads evenly to the floor joists. This prevents the wood joist from twisting or buckling.

This prevents the wood joists from twisting or buckling.

Employing three joists also gives the Gorilla Wall Brace tremendous pushing power when straightening the wall.

Pushing off of three joists allows the Gorilla Wall Brace system to straighten almost any bowed or cracked wall.

The use of multiple wooden joists will give you the peace of mind in knowing your foundation walls and wood framing will keep your home and family safe and secure.

What is the Gorilla Wall Brace System & How Does it Work?

  1. The Gorilla Wall Brace System effectively stabilizes bowing or buckling foundation walls from inside your basement without any disturbance to the outside of your home.
  2. The steel beams brace you foundation walls against the expansive outside soil forces pushing against it.
  3. The beams are attached to the concrete basement floor and the wooden joist above.
  4. The braces stop the buckling wall from moving inward and further.
  5. Guaranteed!
  • Engineer certified to give you security
  • Can do the bracing job year-round
  • Permanent solution at less cost
  • Transferrable Warranty
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