Helical Anchors/Piers

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Concrete Raising Service is a Certified Dealer & Installer for Helical Anchors Inc. since 2009

Helical Anchors Inc. meets or exceeds all industy standards including AB Chance & Atlas systems

Engineer certified load test and bid submittals on request

If you need help designing or writing bid specs. We can team with the experts at Helical Anchors Inc. in helping you
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New Construction Helical Piers

When the underlying soils of a new construction project are determined to be inadequate to provide support, new construction helical anchors (piers) can be installed to provide stabilization for the new footings. The new footing is then poured over the top of the new construction anchor pier cap, becoming a singular foundation unit transferring the structure weight to the helical flights deep into stable soil.

Helical Anchors use screw piles with steel shafts. The lead section is made with one or more helixes flights attached that provide the needed bearing capacity. The anchor/piers are screwed into the ground with a specialized hydraulic torque driver, and extensions without flights are added to reach the target depth. Simply put the depth and load capacity are determined by a pre-engineered hydraulic PSI, reading that correlate to torque which correlates to load capacity this is achieved by a formula or charts made up from the engineering formulas.
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