Concrete lifting using Mud & Foam Jacking

Do you suspect your concrete has voids underneath? Is it uneven or sunken?

Mud jacking

Polyurethane Foam Jacking & Traditional Mudjacking

Concrete Raising Service is the only contractor in our three state area to provide you with a choice for concrete raising.

Knowing what caused the concrete to settle is an important factor when deciding which system to use. We can make that decision without being biased using our expertise in both systems.

Concrete settles from many causes and in most cases either system will provide a great solution for sunken concrete and both systems are a far better choice compared to removing and replacing your old concrete.

Conditions That Increase Risks Of Concrete Slab Problems.
1. Surface drainage toward slab.
2. Ponding next to slab.
3. Slab subgrade poorly sloped.
4. Irrigated planter adjacent to slab.
5. Excessive watering.
6. Granular base allowing water migration & ponding.
7. Open joints or cracks (poor maintenance)
8. Ground water level at or near frost depth.
9. Inadequate subgrade compaction increase potential for subgrade instability, settlement & pavement deteriation.
10. Rock, bark or flower gardens adjacent to slabs.
11. Roof drain outlet next to slab.
12. Over watering of lawn.

Removal and replacement concrete costs - Two to three times concrete raising costs.

The other option to raising your concrete is removing and replacement of your present concrete. It is not uncommon to see prices near $50.00 per square foot for small jobs, if not higher, because of concrete delivery fees, disposal fees, and labor. Concrete replacement generally can cost two to three times the cost of concrete raising when you consider the damaged landscaping and time the concrete cannot be used. Even cheap concrete jobs are not a bargain once the concrete is poured it's too late to change drainage, joints, cracking just to name a few things that can go wrong with cheap or inexperienced concrete contractors same goes for inexperienced mudjacking or foam jacking contractors if the concrete is lifted to high or cracked up or not lifted at all it's too late. Experience pays. Concrete Raising Service has over thirty years specializing in concrete raising.

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Why use Mudjacking or Foam Jacking:

Both mudjacking and foam jacking are very clean, cost effective, green solutions to your sunken concrete problems.

Some of the benefits to raising your sunken concrete are.
  1. With foam jacking very small holes (5/8 inch) are used almost undetectable leaving you with raised concrete the same color as the surrounding concrete and holes patched that are almost invisible to the eye.
  2. Cost effective (saving up to 50%-70% vs replacing with new concrete that won't color match.)
  3. Clean & quick most jobs take one day or less and can drive on in as short a time as fifteen minutes after completion.
  4. Controlled lifting to desired height to get correct drainage or evening up joints, experience pays here.
  5. Landscaping unaffected.
  6. Equipment parked in street long hoses used to reach hard to access areas. No equipment on lawns.

Mudjacking & Foam Jacking Applications (many more)

ResidentiaI-CommerciaI-Industrial-SchooIs-Churches-MedicaI Facilities-City /State/Fed

Driveways-Garage Fioors-Patios-Walks-Steps-Pool Decks-Basement Floors-Grain Bins-Fill
Washout Voids-Parking Lots- Warehouse/Factory Floors-Stop Basement Water Problems- Raise Almost any Slab Interior or Exterior.

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Concrete Raising With Polyurethane Foam Jacking

Foam Jacking uses high density polyurethane expanding foam made up of two parts, part A and part B mixed together at the gun and injected through a 5/8 inch hole. The foam is injected at a high psi rate, the pressure is not what causes the lifting. The foam expanding below the concrete as the two liquid parts react and becomes a structural foam. The foam below the concrete will first find the weakest soils expanding into them and consolidate and cause them to be more dense and fill any voids below the slab. The foam will expand in all directions following the least resistance and lift the concrete when all voids are filled.

Other benefits of foam jacking are: the foam will not retain moisture and will not erode - The fast cure time allows for immediate use including driving on. Light weight 2 to 6 Ibs. per cubic foot. Foams will keep their cured shape and volume indefinitely reducing the chance of new voids forming unless acted upon by outside causes. Because of the small injection holes Foam Jacking is a very attractive alternate to replacement because the finish holes are nearly invisible and the raised concrete still matches in color to the surrounding concrete.

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Concrete Raising With Mudjacking

Mudjacking is the process of pumping a mixture of silty sand and a low content Portland Cement and water (using a calibrated grout
mobile mixer powered by a diesel engine to give us the correct mix matched to the job application) under a slab in order to lift it back to
the original grade and or to fill a washout void under it. The mixture is called grout. The exact mix and materials used vary from mudjacking contractor to contractor. We have been using this same formula for over thirty years it is a time tested and proven product.

Concrete can settle for several reasons the most common are: open joints or cracks not sealed, improperly place downspouts and
extensions, lawn sprinklers, landscaping including rock garden and flower gardens adjacent to the slabs. Poorly compacted fill dirt under
the slabs, broken water pipes, abandon septic tanks and cess pools.

First holes are drilled (1 3/4 inch holes) using an air operated rock drill, then the grout is pumped thru these holes (using a diesel powered
modified for mudjacking concrete pump) under pressure filling any voids under the concrete. When the voids are filled the grout becomes pressurized and raises the concrete hydraulically to the correct grade. The final steps are cleaning the concrete by washing it down and then patching the drilled holes with a concrete mixture.

While anyone can go out and buy mudjacking equipment the process is not for amateurs, only experienced professionals should perform
these procedures to prevent doing even greater damage and end up costing many times more than the original problem. Concrete Raising Service has over thirty years of lifting experience and the owner Fred has been on every job since day one.

Once the mudjacking is complete both the slab and the sub soils will be much more structurally sound. The fact that mudjacking is using the same concrete slab is another benefit, the color will match the surrounding concrete and older concrete is generally stronger than
new concrete. If the only problem with the concrete is sinking, raising the old slab is better than removal and replacement of the concrete. 

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